Our Team

Lyn McNaught

Travel consultant

I have owned and operated my own travel agency for over 40 years and love working in an industry that is always exciting and interesting and love helping people plan their holidays.

I have been very lucky and have travelled extensively over the years, some of my favourite places are Antarctica, Africa, India, Solomon Islands, The Kimberley, Tasmania, the USA and lots more, in fact I have not been to a place that I don’t love,

Over the years my staff and I have built a great rapport with our suppliers which ensures we receive great support behind the scenes from airlines, hotels and tour companies.

So please come in and say G’day, have a cuppa and let us help you plan your perfect holiday.

Sometimes situations arise where I am not able to be in the office, however all of my staff have years of experience and I know they will take great care in helping you plan your next holiday.

Joe Bovalino

Travel consultant

Joe has been involved in the travel industry for over 30 years commencing his career in retail travel in Shepparton Victoria.

After 6 years, he took an opportunity to own and manage a local travel agency, furthering his knowledge of this amazing and exciting industry, seventeen years later he sold this business and was offered a position here at Lyn McNaught Travel.

During this period he has gained a wealth of information and firsthand knowledge of many destinations and types of travel. He has travelled to most parts of this exciting world, from all over Australia to the faraway lands of Peru/ America/Canada/ the Islands of the South Pacific, New Zealand, Asia, India, and the European Continent.

Shirlie Baum

Travel consultant

 I have been with Lyn McNaught Travel for almost 30 years. Over these years I have seen many changes. Our industry is forever evolving and for me that keeps it fun & interesting. It also means I have to keep evolving & learning new things to keep up with the changes.  I love what I do here, planning the right itineraries for each of our clients, making sure their travel is just what they want & hearing their stories when they return.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, Africa, Europe, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, Australia & others. I am proud to say that I work with a fantastic team and I really do enjoy walking in the door each and every day.

Tara McPherson

Travel consultant

I love being a travel agent and relish the feeling of complete satisfaction it gives me when clients return from their holiday and thank me for the wonderful time they’ve had and tell me “Ëverything was PERFECT”. Fulfilling my clients dreams is the most important part of my job I have been doing it for over thirty years and even though it tests my patience at times, I never tire of it or lose my passion for it. I have met many wonderful people and forged great friendships over this time.

I had done a lot of travelling prior to joining this business and lived in the UK, Asia and New Zealand. Since becoming an agent, I have travelled extensively, going to Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Canada several times. I particularly love Canada and Italy. I’ve also travelled to several parts of the USA and visited such great places as South America and Tahiti. River cruising is my latest passion and I can’t wait to do another trip next year. It really is a perfect holiday. Why don’t you come too?

Jayden Liew

Travel consultant

 My cultural background is Chinese Australian and travelling fairly regularly as a child allowed me to experience a great part of Asia, mostly Malaysia and West Malaysia. This travel sparked a passion for the travel industry.

Starting at Lyn McNaught Travel in early October 2018, I love working closely with people. My main focus is customer service and satisfaction. I find both challenges and great enjoyment when putting together all types of itineraries to suit the customers dream holiday, bringing them to life, from our first meeting to their return home. I love seeing my clients happy and it’s very gratifying when they return and tell me what a fantastic time they’ve had.

.Having family in both Malaysia and Taiwan, I know there is much that tourists miss out on and being able to share the hidden gems, magnificent scenery and cultural beauties these places have to offer gives me a sense of pride and excitement. I have also travelled to Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand and am constantly learning about many other destinations.

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the travel industry and experiencing more of this amazing planet.