Antarctica Tour 2024 - Hosted Tour with Lyn McNaught

6th - 19th December 2024

Embark on an exhilarating Antarctic adventure in December 2024 with Lyn McNaught Travel. Hosted by the seasoned and passionate Lyn McNaught herself!

Partnering with the renowned Intrepid Travel, we present a 14-day extraordinary journey aboard the mighty Ocean Endeavour.

Lyn, smitten by Antarctica’s majestic allure, returns whenever she can, each voyage revealing the continent’s mesmerising wonders.

Dive deep into the heart of Antarctica, a feat most tours don’t accomplish, crossing into the enigmatic Antarctic Circle. History and nature intertwine here, unfolding at historic locations and significant landmarks whispering tales of time. But that’s not all!

Be enthralled by the endless canvas of spectacular scenery, painting a masterpiece of sparkling icebergs, serene snowscapes, and abundant, playful wildlife, promising photographers and enthusiasts alike priceless, breathtaking moments.

Engage in more than sightseeing. This unique expedition offers passengers a rare opportunity to assist in valuable scientific research. Engage hands-on in various crucial projects undertaken by our dedicated crew, contributing actively to understanding and preserving this pristine wilderness.

Seize this chance for an adventure like no other, with every day promising awe, wonder, and the unparalleled beauty of Antarctica unfolding before your eyes. Secure your spot and join Lyn on this unforgettable Antarctic expedition, where every moment is a discovery, and every discovery is magical.

Call Lyn McNaught Travel to secure your place on this once-in-a-lifetime tour.


Intrepid Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a way to harness the power of thousands of travellers around the world to observe, record, and report on natural phenomena. 

This is particularly useful in remote and isolated destinations like Antarctica, where it is challenging to support long-term academic observation teams.

Scientific research in the Antarctic is often a costly, time-consuming and difficult task. Citizen Science Programs like ours aboard the Ocean Endeavour can help in the collection of invaluable data that can help us to better understand Antarctica and the issues it faces.

During every Antarctic voyage, you have the chance to observe, record and report on natural phenomena as part of a collaboration project with Antarctic scientists.

Our dedicated Citizen Science Coordinator will lead guest-focused initiatives to maximise our contribution to scientific research.

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